Scientific and technological innovation leads the high-quality development of agriculture

Workers in agricultural science and technology have made valiant efforts to achieve this goal, providing strong support for the high-quality development of agriculture. Over the past ten years, China's agricultural science and technology has accelerated development, a more perfect innovation system, a significantly enhanced innovation capacity, the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress in agriculture has exceeded 61%, the overall agricultural benefit and competitiveness have continued to increase, and the agricultural science and technology strength as a whole has entered the forefront of the world.

We will lay a solid foundation for scientific and technological innovation and effectively break bottlenecks in production and operation. In the past decade, China has accelerated agricultural mechanization. The total amount of agricultural machinery and equipment has continued to grow, the level of operation has been continuously improved, and the capacity of socialized services has been significantly enhanced. The ownership and usage of agricultural machinery ranks among the top in the world, and agricultural production has entered a new stage dominated by mechanization. The popularization of mechanization and intelligent technology of mass agriculture has significantly increased the productivity of Chinese agricultural labor. At the same time, the development of intelligent agricultural machinery continues to accelerate, the Beidou demonstration application is accelerated, the application of intelligent equipment such as autonomous tractor, unmanned rice transplanter, unmanned ground plant protection machine, unmanned combine harvester is more widely used, and unmanned plant protection aircraft is widely used, all of which have effectively alleviated the problem of rural labor shortage and aging, and reduced the difficulty of agricultural production.

Scientific and technological innovation boosts the driving force and effectively increases the efficiency of agricultural output. The average arable land area is small and the reserve arable land resource is insufficient. Improving the unit yield is the fundamental way to increase agricultural production and income. The key to increase yield per unit area lies in better varieties and better methods. Over the past decade, China has promoted joint efforts to improve crop varieties, and has successfully cultivated a number of new varieties of rice, wheat and corn with high yield and high quality. By establishing a modern biological breeding technology system based on mechanization, information technology and intelligence, China has basically achieved full coverage of superior varieties of major crops, and independent breeding of varieties accounts for more than 95 percent of the total area, and Chinese seed enterprises have gradually entered the international market. We promoted efficient cultivation techniques on a large scale, raised the utilization rate of land, and effectively implemented the strategy of "storing grain on the land and using technology to store grain", thus promoting bumper grain yields and building the "national granaries" supported by scientific and technological innovation.

Scientific and technological innovation will improve the quality and efficiency of resources. The traditional agricultural production mode of high fertilizer and pesticide input in exchange for high yield often leads to excessive consumption of resources, the quality of cultivated land decline, and environmental pollution, which challenges agricultural sustainability. In the past ten years, China has accelerated the integrated promotion of green and efficient technology model of reducing fertilizer and pesticide quantity and increasing efficiency. Fertilizer saving technologies such as soil testing and formula fertilization, integration of water and fertilizer, and replacement of organic fertilizer, as well as drug saving technologies such as ecological regulation, physical control, biological control and precision medicine application, have been widely applied, and the effective utilization rate of fertilizer, feed, pesticide and other inputs has increased significantly. The utilization rate of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the three major grain crops was over 40%, with negative growth for many years in a row. The comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry waste reached 76 percent nationwide, transforming from "treatment" to "use". The comprehensive utilization rate of straw reached 87.6%, and a pattern of mainly agricultural use and multiple utilization was basically formed. The recovery rate of agricultural film reached 80%, "white pollution" of farmland in key areas was effectively prevented and controlled, and agricultural costs were saved and efficiency increased. Scientific and technological innovation continued to drive the efficient and healthy development of agriculture.

Scientific and technological innovation strong supply, leading product quality upgrading.  This decade, in order to meet the growing and increasingly abundant demands for agricultural consumption of urban and rural residents, our country has continuously optimized and adjusted the layout of agricultural science and technology strength, and greatly enriched and strengthened the supply of scientific and technological strength and deep processing of high-quality agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables, livestock and poultry, aquaculture, and so on. This has realized the abundant supply of agricultural products, rich varieties and stable price. By establishing and improving the early warning and testing system for agricultural products' quality and safety, strengthening the supervision and risk assessment and monitoring of agricultural inputs, and standardizing the agricultural production process, we have realized the quality and safety inspection and testing of agricultural products from the "place of origin to the table", and ensured the effective supply of high-quality agricultural products.

Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, China's agricultural technology system, agricultural technology popularization system, and modern farmer education and cultivation system have been gradually established, and scientific and technological innovation achievements have been effectively integrated with agricultural production, management and industry, changing the relationship between the intensive degree and configuration of traditional management elements, and realizing the transformation of agricultural operation mode from extensive to refined and intelligent. It has effectively reduced the uncertain risks in agricultural operations and significantly improved the level of high-quality agricultural development. In the future, we should make efforts from the source of technological innovation and the whole industrial chain, continue to improve the science and technology investment system compatible with the high-quality development of agriculture, accelerate the research on key core technologies that restrict the high-quality development of agriculture, cultivate and expand new industries and new forms of business suitable for the high-quality development of agriculture, so as to realize the double improvement of the efficiency of the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements and the success rate of the application of achievements. We will build a new ecological system for the agricultural industry that is supported by the agricultural industry and relies on science and technology, so that scientific and technological innovation will continuously enable the transformation and upgrading of agricultural development and inject continuous impetus into the high-quality development of agriculture.