Potato mechanical sorter

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    • Commodity name: Potato mechanical sorter
    • Commodity ID: 148


    1、 Function: Automatic grading of fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, onions, virgin fruits, and citrus fruits.
    2、 Principle: The stainless steel tube is driven by a double-sided gradient spiral, gradually increasing the gap between the stainless steel tubes. Potatoes of different sizes fall on different discharge belts and are packaged in different packaging to achieve the effect of potato grading.
    3、 Advantages (for potato sorting):
    1. As a mechanical sorting method, this principle has been verified and compared for many years, ensuring the accuracy of potato sorting to the greatest extent. It can make large potatoes without mixing small potatoes inside, without the need for secondary sorting and selection.
    2. Compared to tray weight sorting, although there is a lack of accuracy at the beginning of use. However, it is fast and avoids the problem of rapid decrease in accuracy caused by clay in weight sorting. In terms of labor saving and cost-effectiveness, it has absolute advantages.
    4、 Efficiency: 5 to 15 tons per hour, customized for different models according to different needs.
    5、 Parameters: length 7500mm x width 2650mm x height 1550mm Power: 1700w Voltage: 220V

    Key words:
    • Potato mechanical sorter
  •   Length width height power voltage
    5 tons Class 3 2900mm*2350mm*1550mm 1.15kw 220V
    5 tons Class 4 4100mm*2400mm*1500mm 1.15kw 220V
    10 tons Class 3 2900mm*2650mm*1550mm 1.15kw 220V
    10 tons Class 4 4100mm*2400mm*1550mm 1.15kw 220V
    15 tons Class 4 4100mm*2900mm*1500mm 1.15kw 220V


Key words:

Potato mechanical sorter


Automatic equipment

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