The shareholders' meeting of the company decided that the target sales value of the company in 2022 was 25 million yuan and the incentive plan of on-the-job dividend was implemented. Transfer 20% of the company's 2022 target profit to the management team for on-the-job bonus (virtual stock) incentive.

Selection of incentive objects

The incentive object of this program should be the core talents in management, research and development, marketing and so on who have a direct and important impact on the company's operating performance and sustainable development.

The list of candidates for the 2022 bonus is as follows

General Manager/Director of Operations/Director of R&D/Deputy Director of R&D/Director of Production/Director of Sales/Deputy Director of Sales

The following two conditions should be necessary to be an incentive object:

1) Identify with the corporate culture of the company and be willing to comply with the company's rules and regulations;
2) Sign labor contracts with the company;
3) Deputy department director or above in the company;

Equity incentive

Cash incentive

Luxury car incentive