Dry cleaning machine

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    • Commodity name: Dry cleaning machine
    • Commodity ID: 005


    1、 Function: Potato dry cleaning, removing surface soil.
    2、 Principle: By rotating the brush, the surface soil is cleaned, and the potatoes are continuously fed and pushed forward horizontally.
    3、 Advantages:
    1. Single chain drive with low failure rate and low motor power usage.
    2. Can be used alone or in conjunction with assembly lines, flexible and versatile.
    4、 Efficiency: 7-10 tons per hour.
    5、 Parameters: 5300mm * 1100mm * 1500mm Power: 1700w Voltage: 220V

    Key words:
    • Dry cleaning machine
  • Length width height: 6000mm*1100mm*1500mm
    Power: 950w
    Voltage: 220V

Key words:

Dry cleaning machine


Automatic equipment

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