Pick a platform

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  • Product description
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    • Commodity name: Pick a platform
    • Commodity ID: 150


    1、 Function: Convenient for manual selection of damaged potatoes.
    2、 Principle: The chain drives the stainless steel roller to rotate horizontally, and each roller rotates by friction through the track to ensure that the potatoes rotate 360 °, and all bad potatoes are under control.
    3、 Advantages:
    1. Do not harm potatoes.
    2. Simple construction and durability.
    3. The middle belt is equipped with a waste potato conveying trough, and the green and damaged potatoes are directly placed in the waste potato trough and transported to the front conveyor belt, saving workers time and energy in operation.
    4、 Efficiency: 5 to 15 tons per hour, customized for different models according to different needs.
    5、 Parameters: 5500mm x 1400mm x 1100mm
    Power: 550w
    Voltage: 220V

    Key words:
    • Pick a platform
  • Length width height: 5500mm*1400mm*1100mm
    Power: 0.55kw
    Voltage: 220V

Key words:

Pick a platform


Automatic equipment

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