Bag loading machine

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  • Product description
  • parameter
    • Commodity name: Bag loading machine
    • Commodity ID: 154

    1. A total of 10 discharge ports, one ready and one used, can hold 5 bags at the same time
    2. The speed can reach 10-18 tons
    3. Adjustable height and speed
    4. Use light pvc food grade belt, more light, more durable, more environmental protection
    5.220v voltage, safe and convenient, can be packed or bagged, can be used with any equipment of the company more perfect.

    Key words:
    • Bag loading machine
  • Length, width and height: 4100mm1800mm x 1100mm
    Power: 0.4kw
    Voltage: 220V

Key words:

Bag loading machine


Automatic equipment

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