Potatoes on the hopper

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  • Product description
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    • Commodity name: Potatoes on the hopper
    • Commodity ID: 016


    1. Can store 3 tons of potatoes, specially designed for the transfer of tons of potatoes
    2.12 rows of rollers, more durable; 60 cm wide belt conveyor, the delivery quantity is larger, more uniform
    3. Energy-saving deceleration motor, can emit more power with lower energy consumption
    4. With universal wheel, easy to move, whole body anti-rust treatment, fresh storage can be used.
    5. Can be used with any products of Goldilocks, the effect is more perfect

    Key words:
    • Potatoes on the hopper
  • Length width height: 3400mm*1900mm*1450mm
    Power: 1.1kw
    Voltage: 220v

Key words:

Potatoes on the hopper


Automatic equipment

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