Potato sorting assembly line

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    • Commodity name: Potato sorting assembly line
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    1、 Assembly process:
    Buffer hopper - soil removal machine - dry cleaning machine - selection platform - elevator - sorting machine - belt conveyor - bagging machine.
    2、 Usage scenario:
    1. Potatoes harvested in ton packs or bulk need to be selected and sorted first, and then stored in storage or directly packaged for sale.
    2. Clean, select, sort, and package the inventory potatoes before sale.
    3. According to different situations, each link can be used in a different position, and each link can also be used separately.
    3、 Section Introduction
    1. Buffer hopper: Potatoes harvested in bulk or in ton packs are poured into the buffer hopper to ensure continuous feeding throughout the entire production line, playing a transitional buffering role.
    2. Soil removal machine: effectively filters out soil impurities and transmits them through a unidirectional conveyor belt.
    3. Dry cleaning machine: Using a double-layer brush for cleaning, it can effectively remove the soil on the surface of potatoes without damaging the potato skin. A soil leakage belt can be added to the lower layer of the dry cleaning machine, and miscellaneous soil can fall onto the belt and be transported to the outer side for centralized treatment.
    4. Selection platform: Using stainless steel rollers to rotate 360 °, ensuring that each potato rotates 360 ° without dead angles. Workers standing on both sides select bad potatoes and place them in the middle of the bad potato trough. The bad potatoes are transported to the bad potato belt for centralized processing, saving people and effort.
    5. Elevator: Using stainless steel rollers to rotate 360 ° for lifting, ensuring that the potatoes are laid flat on one layer, in order to ensure that the potatoes are transported to the sorting machine and improve the sorting accuracy.
    6. Sorter: Adopting double-sided gradient spiral drive stainless steel pipes, the gap between the stainless steel pipes gradually increases, allowing potatoes of different sizes to fall on different discharge belts and be packaged in different packages, thus achieving the effect of potato grading.
    7. Conveyor belt conveyor: buffer transmission for material transportation
    8. Bagging machine: Belt conveyor, which allows potatoes to enter different packaging openings through partitions. Each packaging opening can be opened and closed independently. During the process of filling potatoes, the entire conveying process will not stop to ensure improved packaging efficiency.
    4、 We can customize personalized products that are more suitable according to actual usage.

    Key words:
    • Potato sorting assembly line

Key words:

Potato sorting assembly line


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