Potato picking machine

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    • Commodity name: Potato picking machine
    • Commodity ID: 017


    1. With a waste potato channel in the middle, the good and bad potatoes can be directly sorted, increasing efficiency by an additional 40%.
    2. The roller can rotate 360 °, making it impossible for bad potatoes to escape.
    3. The machine is equipped with 6 support bag openings and can hold 2 bags at the same time, one for use and one for backup, uninterrupted operation.
    4. The sorting speed is fast, requires less manual labor, and can reach a speed of 5-8 tons per hour.
    5. With a universal wheel for easy movement, there is a dedicated soil leakage belt to transport waste soil to one side.

    Key words:
    • Potato picking machine
  • Length width height: 4350mm*1700mm*1440mm
    Power: 600w
    Voltage: 220V

Key words:

Potato picking machine


Automatic equipment

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