Pick and choose packing line

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    A, assembly process: buffer hopper - soil leakage clutter removal machine a hoist a two-way conveyor a hydraulic buffer ton charter

    Ii. Usage Situation:
    1. When harvesting, direct use of the field.
    2. Potatoes harvested in bulk and tons of bales need to be selected and sorted again, and then packed into tons of bales for storage. 3. The main function is: with the lowest cost to remove soil, soil rocks.

    Three, link introduction
    1. Buffer hopper: the potatoes harvested in bulk and tons are poured into the buffer hopper to ensure the continuous feeding of the entire assembly line and play a transitional buffer role. 2. Soil leakage and impurity removal machine: adopts chain row transportation, durable. Chain row package glue, do not hurt potatoes. Workers on both sides pick out the earth stones.
    3. Hoist: using plastic chain row, with a baffle, to lift potatoes to the two-way conveyor.
    4. Two-way conveyor: the positive and negative transmission can be freely controlled, the two sides respectively put tons of bags, after one side filled, adjust the conveying direction to the other side of the tons of bags, to ensure uninterrupted packaging work. 5. Pressure liquid buffer ton charter: ton bag support frame, hydraulic control of the bottom side lifting, to ensure that potatoes fall into the ton bag minimum drop, do not hurt potatoes.

    Four, according to the actual use of the situation, customized more suitable personalized products.

    Key words:
    • Pick and choose packing line

Key words:

Pick and choose packing line


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