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Goldilocks Navigation intelligent agriculture solution

Series products are designed and developed for Chinese farmers to create high-end agricultural machinery automatic driving products that are "good, affordable and worry free" for Chinese farmers. Agricultural machinery intelligent product solutions include: steering wheel agricultural machinery automatic driving system, hydraulic agricultural machinery automatic driving system, optical target assisted navigation system and Beidou high-precision differential base station and other full series of product solutions.


Product ►Optical target aided navigation system ►Steering wheel agricultural machinery automatic driving system ►Hydraulic agricultural machinery automatic driving system
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The characteristics The operation is simple, intuitive and efficient
High cost performance and convenient installation
A machine with multiple functions and rich functions
Entry products, a wide range of applications
Installation is simple and fast
Clean and free of oil
Simple disassembly and assembly, can be used in one machine
Suitable for all mainstream models in the market
Rapid response and high precision
Suitable for modification of high-end high-horsepower tractors
Stable work, convenient maintenance
Keep the original steering wheel driving feeling
The screen 7Inch /10 inch capacitive touch screen
Suitable type of work Fertilize, spray and prepare the land Arable land, furrow, ridge, seeding, ploughing, harvesting and other sections of agricultural operations
precision Repeat with an accuracy of 20 cm ±2.5 cm
positioning low-end moderate high-end
Method of difference None Differential base station and chihiro service are optional

Product special point

①45 minutes to install

Convenient installation, simple debugging, convenient maintenance, top product performance and user experience


Human interaction

③Excellent performance, reliable and stable

High precision satellite navigation, inertial navigation, intelligent control algorithm
Make the product in a variety of harsh agronomic environment consistent performance

④Quality service, reliable guarantee

Product value