Al visual sorting machine

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    • Commodity name: Al visual sorting machine
    • Commodity ID: 015

    1. It is currently the first visual sorting machine developed for potatoes in the Chinese market, which is already available in other countries but priced at over 3.5 million yuan. Our pricing is within 1 million yuan.
    2. Adopting the cutting-edge AI intelligent learning function, self-learning, the longer the usage time and the more data collected, the more accurate it becomes, and the product quality accuracy can reach up to 98%.
    3. Multi piece trays can perform more complex sorting tasks, and the product can also be used for sorting other fruits and vegetables.
    4. The standard 8-channel model has a speed of at least 15 tons per hour, which is fast and efficient. It can be freely widened according to needs. Soft protection treatment is used at the sorting height to reduce potato bumps.
    5. Intelligent optical sorting, ultra fast 4k camera, quickly and effectively identify internal injuries such as bruising, mechanical injuries, insect eyes, and black heart disease, and remove them.

    Key words:
    • AI intelligent visual light selector

Key words:

AI intelligent visual light selector


Automatic equipment

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