Technology in the Field Embraces the future of agriculture

This year, with the theme of "Innovation, Cooperation and Food security", the 29th Yangling Agricultural High School will come as promised. In this event, which is known as the "Agricultural Olympics", new technology, new equipment, new varieties and other scientific and technological "rookies" emerge in endlessly, and "veterans" such as good varieties and good methods continue to be popular. Integrated Innovation practice science and technology to promote agriculture, "cloud" docking promote achievement trading, international cooperation to the future of agriculture... Yang Lingnong high will for the development of "agriculture, rural areas" planted the seeds, in the land of the three Qin bearing numerous fruits.

Integrated innovation practice science and technology to rejuvenate agriculture

Innovation is the meaning of this year's Yangling Agricultural high meeting.

As one of the organizers of the Yangling Agricultural Summit, the State Intellectual Property Office organized the exhibition group to display a number of intellectual property projects that have played a positive role in promoting agricultural scientific and technological innovation, improving agricultural quality, efficiency and competitiveness. Among them, the patent projects include "production method of Pleurotus eryngii" and "Fruit picker", the trademark projects include "Dongning black fungus" and "Sheyang rice", and the geographical indicator products include Pu 'er tea from Yunnan and Hanzhong Xianhao from Shaanxi, etc., forming a rich library of innovation samples.

The "Field exhibition" is a new phenomenon of Yang Ling Nong Gao Hui this year. The 11 exhibition sites and 4 exhibition areas have moved scientific research achievements in the fields of superior seed breeding, arable land improvement and smart agriculture from the exhibition booths to the fields. Vivid scenes show the farmers to see the real, learn clearly.

Walking into the field exhibition site -- Figg FIG Manor, the demonstration FIG planting garden of hundreds of mu is in the peak season of picking. "We have cultivated more than 30 varieties of FIG seedlings in our garden, including famous new varieties such as' Gorgeous' and 'California Black' introduced, as well as high-quality varieties such as' silk carbaya 'and' silk gold 'developed by ourselves." Yang Lingfeig FIG Industry Development Co., Ltd. technical staff Mu Wengang introduced to the reporter, the company has maintained close cooperation with Northwest A&F University and other colleges and universities, actively carried out FIG variety breeding, seedling breeding, product processing and other aspects of technology research and demonstration application, widely promoted the FIG facility cultivation technology and model, has achieved good benefits.

The China Yangling Innovation Center for Farmland Protection and Quality Improvement is also one of the field exhibition sites this year, which mainly provides solutions for farmland protection, quality improvement and sustainable development. A core technology of the center is the combination of pisha sandstone and sand to create soil. The principle is to improve soil by adding pisha sandstone rich in clay minerals to the aeolian sand to improve the soil s ability to retain water and fertilizer. This technology has been applied in Mu Us Sandy Land and won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2019." Du Yichun, a senior engineer of the center, told reporters that now the center has built the country's first Sanpu soil sample database, which provides research "fertile soil" for removing obstacles to improving the quality of cultivated land.

"Cloud" docking promotes results-related trading

"Cloud" exhibition and "cloud" trading make this agricultural science and technology event break the restrictions of the epidemic and attract a large number of audiences.

This year's Yang Lingnong Exhibition, through 3D virtual tour sand table, VR video, physical exhibition hall copy modeling three ways, for the exhibition group and enterprises to provide online display space, but also for the audience to bring mobile terminal, PC terminal immersive experience. "The function of the 'platform on the cloud' has also been comprehensively expanded. Relying on emerging technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data, it has built a multi-functional space including digital display, science and technology promotion, project matching, online trading and management services." Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone Exhibition Bureau deputy Director Chen Qihui introduced.

Statistics show that during this year's Yangling Agricultural Summit, the total number of online and offline visitors reached 2.948 million, of which 2.791 million people visited the exhibition on the cloud; A total of 59 exhibition groups and 358 enterprises have joined the platform, with over 7,000 agricultural scientific and technological achievements and products exhibited online. The cumulative online and offline transactions reached 487 million yuan.

In order to create a good online exhibition environment and trading order, Shaanxi Provincial Intellectual Property Office guided the Intellectual Property Office of Yangling Demonstration Zone to formulate and release the 29th Exhibition Tips on Intellectual Property Protection of Yunshang Agricultural High Association, which strengthened the examination of all kinds of intellectual property information related to the exhibition projects, exhibits and publicity materials. Avoid intellectual property infringement and counterfeiting; During the exhibition, the relevant intellectual property information will be checked regularly, and the irregularities and illegal behaviors found will be supervised and corrected in time.