Local experts formed groups to boost agriculture

"Take the tree condition into full consideration when leaving fruit. Fertile trees leave more fruit in the upper crown, to fruit pressure tree, control upward growth; But the first fruit should leave less of the top fruit." Lei Dingshui leads his social service team to explain citrus planting techniques to fruit farmers in Xinping village, Yanmen Town, Mayang Miao Autonomous County, on Oct 9.

Lei Dingshui is a major citrus farmer in Mayang. With his excellent planting technology, he was rated as a local talent in the county. He led the establishment of a technical service team of 18 people to carry out social services with the main content of "fertilization, pruning, fruit thinning, disease and pest control". At present, the team has served more than 240 households of fruit farmers, signed service area of more than 16,800 mu, the annual per capita income of fruit farmers is about 30,000 yuan.

To transform "new farmers" into "rejuvenating farmers", Mayang explores social services of local expert groups to help the development of local characteristic agriculture. The county through the selection and cultivation of citrus, yellow peach, kiwi and other characteristics of the industry of local talent 40, formed a technical team to carry out social services. Up to now, the county has established 33 social service organizations, serving 2,152 fruit farmers, serving an area of 43,820 mu.

"With the social service of 'local experts' group, the yield and average price of yellow peaches in Mayang this year have increased by 50% and 30% respectively. The quality of orange fruit in the county has also improved significantly, and the price is expected to rise significantly this year." Mayang Agriculture and Rural Bureau Party Secretary, director Tan Yang introduced, "local experts" advanced ideas, knowledge, technology, experience to teach the villagers, boost the villagers to increase income and get rich.