What happens to farmers in extreme weather?

The year 2022 May already be the first year that people pay attention to climate change. After a summer of high temperatures, drought and heavy rain, the freak weather is still not over. As of October, the drought has continued in Hunan and Jiangxi.

But as an old saying often quoted by Li Ge of Sanhe Yushun goes: "A good farmer does not plow for the sake of floods and droughts." In front of the weather, however, farmers increasingly show their own resilience.

This year, together with Friends of Nature Linglong, we launched the "Climate Change and Ecological Smallholder Research", which visits eco-farms in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and southern China to gather experiences from agricultural production that have been excluded from mainstream voices.

How does climate change affect ecological farmers? How did they deal with it?

What is climate change?

They say agriculture depends on the weather. The weather conditions reported in the news, such as drought and heavy rain, are also called extreme weather events in agriculture.

Our visit to Sanhe Yushun Farm in Luanzhou City, Hebei province, last year saw the heaviest rain in 50 years, a record that has been broken again this year. In August this year, Luanzhou was hit by another rainstorm, with a rainfall of 280 millimeters, equivalent to half a year's rainfall.