Potato washing and sorting scheme

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    • Commodity name: Potato washing and sorting scheme
    • Commodity ID: 022

    1. Assembly process:
    Potato feeding hopper → soil removal machine → miscellaneous soil elevator → bubble cleaning machine → roller cleaning machine → roller cleaning machine → manual selection platform → elevator → mechanical sorting machine → conveyor belt machine → bagging machine equipment The total length of the assembly line is about 45 meters


    2. Usage scenario:
    According to the production process, sorting and grading potatoes while they are being shipped out is an essential process

    • Loading process: First, load the material through ton bags; Then remove soil and impurities through a soil removal machine;
    • Water washing process: The material enters the bubble cleaning machine and is fully immersed in the high-pressure water flow and strong bubbles for brush roller cleaning, maximizing the cleaning of the material. After cleaning, residual sediment is discharged;
    • Sorting and bagging: Waste potatoes are manually sorted through a manual selection platform, and poor quality potatoes are transported out through the waste potato channel; The high-quality potatoes that have been manually selected are then transported to a mechanical sorting machine for sorting. They are continuously rotated by rollers, and each potato is automatically sorted and graded according to a pre designed sorting channel. The potatoes sorted according to different levels are directly transported to the bagging machine through a conveyor belt, and then bagged.
    Key words:
    • Potato washing and sorting scheme

Key words:

Potato washing and sorting scheme


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