Bagging machine

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    • Commodity name: Bagging machine
    • Commodity ID: 020

    1、 Function: Filling small bags.
    2、 Principle: Horizontal conveyor belt, using partitions to allow potatoes to enter different packaging openings, each opening can be independently opened and closed. During the filling process of potatoes, the entire conveying process will not stop to ensure improved packaging efficiency.
    3、 Advantages:
    1. The bag hanging mouth is a patented design, making it convenient and fast to hang and unload bags.
    2. Simple construction and durability.
    4、 Efficiency: 5 to 15 tons per hour, customized for different models according to different needs.
    5、 Parameters: length 4100mm x width 1800mm x height 1100mm (2700mm x 1650mm x 900mm) Power: 750w/200w Voltage: 220V

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    • Bagging machine

Key words:

Bagging machine


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